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 再绿建筑(上海)  +  深坑建築(香港)                                    
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     We at JADE +Quarry Associates are passionate about design and expect from ourselves and our team the best quality of delivery that can be achieved.

We put sustainability at the top of our agenda. We believe in green design, not as an expensive add on but as an integral part of the design, right from the beginning, in its pure rational passive form.

我们的设计哲学 质量, 专业, 出色, 创新我们深坑设计工作室对于设计有热情, 期望从我们自身以及我们的团队可以提供最优秀的专业成果。我们把可持续发展的概念放到我们的议程。我们相信绿色设计不是昂贵的附加, 而是一个完整的从开始就是建筑的单纯的合理的一部分



Our Design Philosophy 




Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental - Ballroom Entrance View

Our studio is a carefully organised 'Boutique' Design studio with emphasis on design and construction quality. We follow the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance procedures and provide wide range of services in Architecture, Masterplanning, Landscape and Interior Design, Ranging from Feasibility, Concept Design to Scheme and Detailed Design including overview of the Construction Information and Site Construction together with an associated Local Design Institute.