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再绿建筑(上海)  +  深坑建築(香港)                                    

Is a unique concept for resort hotel built in a disused industrial site - a 90m deep water filled quarry. As such it is a first 'Groundscraper' hotel to be built in China and for that matter first one of its kind in the world. The hotel, operated by Intercontinental Hotels Group as their flagship hotel in China, will have 237 rooms on 14 'underground levels, with one guestroom floor located under water. The 2 levels above the ground will accommodate the public facilities, restaurants and a Banqueting hall

In February 2013 Quarry Associates and its Chinese registered Studio J.A.D.E. Ltd, established by the concept designer and original Project Design Director for the Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel Martin Jochman Dip Arch RIBA, signed contract with the developer Shimao to continue working on this project and to develop the design coordinate the landscape and interiors and overview the construction on site. As the original concept designer since 2006 Martin  has therefore been able to carry out this important and unique project from concept to completion - almost 12 years.

The project has won number of international awards having been nominated for a prize at the World Architecture Festival in 2009 and winning gold for Chinese Future Architecture at the MIPIM Asia conference in 2011 amongst others. Construction of the hotel has been ongoing since 2013 and shall be completed later in 2018. You can see the update of the construction progress on this website or follow it on our twitter site @songjiangquarry

Below are our new rendering images created by studio MIR based in Norway. These images represent the up to date design of all the elements of the hotel, including the façade and landscape and are therefore the most accurate representation of the project. 

                             The Sunset Canyon                                                                                                      copyright JADE+Q


                              Green Lagoon                                                                                                   Images copyright JADE+QA                                                                                                     

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