Architecture + Landscape +  Master Planning + Industrial Design
再绿建筑(上海)  +  深坑建築(香港)                                    

JIABEI COUNTRY PARK HOTEL, SHANGHAI                                                                                                                                December 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have been declared a winner in a competition for new hotel and residential development in Jiabei Park in Shanghai
Project is for a 300 room hotel in a nature park in Jiading district of Shanghai, close to the Shanghai F1 Grand Prix circuit. The site of the hotel is a leisure destination with gardens,parks and out door/indoor sport and leisure facilities. The concept of the hotel is based on the shape of a willow tree, and which is abundand in the area with many canals and lakes and local bamboo weaving patterns.


We have also signed new contract for mixed master planning project in Jinzhai in Anhui province. The 1.6 Km long and 200m wide site will contain hotel, retail, commercial ,food l and shopping streets and residential. The central feature will be a complex of buildings promoting local culture and consisting of conferencing, educational, leisure and sport facilities.

Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel       has been officially opened on
                    15th November 2018

Opening ceremony

Glass sculpture

Flying our drone in the sunshine on the open  media day

ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN MASTERPLANNING                                                             November 2018

5 in 5

5 projects shown under are our projects designed and constructed in the 5 years since establishment of JADE+QA in 2013 We are celebrating both our 5 year aniversary and the completion this year of our flagship projects - The Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel and the Moganshan Joe Lalli Narada hotel both of which opened to the public in November 2018.

We are also pleased to report signing of a design contract for new Tai Hu Resort Hotel for the 6th Sense Hotel Group. This 250 bedroom hotel will become 2nd Landmark for the city of Huzhou on the beautiful Tai Hu lake, complementing the recently completed 'Moon' hotel. We are looking forward to this new challenge to produce another innovative landmark for China. 

Our Joe Lalli Narada Resort hotel is now handed over to a satisfied client. We are excited about seeing this jewel of a building completed and operating.Together with the Quarry hotel officially opening in November this will be our 7th completed building in China since establishing our studio. (The rest of our  developments completed on site are - Nansha Marina Mixed Development, Qingpu Information Data Centre Mixed Development, Changsha Residential Sales centre, Ningbo Jiayu Hotel and F2 Jiayu Mixed Tower.

Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel

Our 'flagship' project is now complete and the 'Global Media' Opening event date has been set for middle of of November.The Quarry lagoon is now 100% refilled and makes a huge difference to the character of the site. Adjacent theme park and leisure attractions are also well on their way and the external works and landscape are receiving final touches.

Photos of the completed building from a visit on 4th November 2018



Photos from the visit on 15th August 2018



16th July 2018




You can also see the construction progress from 2013  and on our Twitter site

   Resort Hotel for Joe Lalli Narada Resorts - Moganshan, Hangzhou

      Latest Photos from the site visit on 10th October 2018



Concept design renderings



Mixed Development - IDC, Offices and Residential in Qingpu

We are pleased to report thet we have successfully handed over the completed project at Qingpu Lake near Shanghai to satisfied client. The work on this project commenced in July 2013 and following our Concept, Scheme and Detailed design took 18 months to complete on site. On 10th of October 2016 the Government officials signed off the completion. The standard of construction work and materials is exceptionally high.



Nansha Marina Commercial, Hotel and Residential Development


Our Nansha mixed development is now completed. The commercial part of this development has been partially completed and the sales centre together with show apartments are now functional. The sale of the residential development started on 1st October with good demand for the flats. The 2015 annual Nansha Marina Boat show has also provided  good platform for the sales and has proved again to be a succesfull event at the centre of this development. Martin has recently attended Opening of the Nansha Marina Volvo International Sailing Regatta and the Nansha Summer fair.

Mixed Residential and Hotel Development in Changsha

The construction of the Sales centre is complete and the building is open for the sales of the adjacent residential development. The concept for this project was to create a light glass 'box' set in a lush landscape, especially spectacular at night.


New Contracts, Master Planning and Competitions 2018

Heko Town and Mountain resort development, Hekou, Luhe, Guandong

Luhe Town Aviation Resort - Guandong

Jiading Nature Park Hotel - Shanghai-Competition

Tai Hu 6th Sense Landmark Hotel - Huzhou

Jinzhai Mixed Development Master plan

Industrial Product Design 

We have  completed a design for a water flow metering device for G-Flow+  This precision instrument was showcased at an international water engineering trade show in Chicago, USA. We send G-Flow our best wishes for this important event of launching a new product. It is wonderful to see it now being used on a large water contract in Qatar.


Conferences and Events 2015-2018
The 7th Asia Pacific Commercial Real Estate Cooperation Forum at the Marriott Luwan in Shanghai - 21st-23rd May 2015
We have succesfully presented our work and our experience at this annual Conference and won a 1st prize for best presentation. Our theme was - 'Design of Integrated Tourist Resorts - One Stop Mega Leisure Destination' 

2015 China Urban Complex Design and Technology Congress - Shanghai
On 17th September Martin presented a Keybote speech at this event on the subject of 'Innovation In Multi Function/Mixed developments' using case studies of the Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental hotel resort and the Nansha Marina Mixed Residential Development.
Design and Education From Global Perspective  2015 Forum - Shanghai 
Organised by Asia Architecture and Urbanism Alliance. Martin presented a paper on Innovation in Hotel and Tourist Resort Design at this conference at the Shanghai New University on 27th November.
'From the Village to the City' - 'Creating liveable places with identity' 
On 26th March 2016 Martin presented a lecture at the Shanghai Normal University on the principles of the 'Urban Village and Walkable city'

2016, 14th International Construction Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Martin has been invited to present 'The technical challenges and progress of the Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel in the Quarry' at this prestigeous conference hosted by CIOB and held on 13th April 2016. Martin has originally presented the concept for this hotel projects at this conference in 2007 shortly after the International competition win.

On 12th May 2016 Martin Presented the Quarry Hotel Update to the 1st RIBA Shanghai Architect's Talk event. The talkwas well attended and was a successful official Introduction of the Royal Institute of British architects in Shanghai.

' Liveable Smart Cities ' 26th May Martin Presented a lecture on ' Liveable Smart Cities ' To an International Lighting Forum  2016 in Shanghai Exhibition Centre.

HKIA Presentation at the Le Meridian , Sheshan, Songjiang - On 5th June Martin presented the project to the representatives from the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Possibilities and Uncertainties in Building Industry - Beijing, 24-26 December 2016. Martin presented a keynote paper titled 'Integrating Buildings and Environment - Technical Challenges and Opportunities'

Underground Buildings Congress 2017 - Singapore - March 23-25th 2017 
Martin has been invited to present the technical challenges of design and construction of the Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel at this prestigious conference in Singapore.

2017 Luxury Hotel Design Conference - Marriott Luwan, Shanghai - 14th May 2017 - Martin presented an update on the JADE+QA work on luxury hotels in China. 

Mixed Developments Congress 2017 - Singapore July 2017 
Martin presented a keynote speech on the importance of appropriate theming in design of large mixed leisure resort developments.

Presentation to the American Institute of Architects in Hong Kong - in July Martin also presented the Quarry Hotel to the AIA in Hong Kong. The presentation was well attended and received.

On 9th September 2017 Martin hosted an official visit to the Shimao Quarry Hotel site by the Shanghai chapter of the American Institute of Architects and Shanghai based members of RIBA. Martin also made a presentation of the project during the site visit.

In October 2017 Martin presented a speech and Awards to the winners at  TRENDS Trends Award Ceremony in Shanghai

On 1st December 2017 Martin presented a talk on 'Cross Cultural Influences on Chinese Contemporary Architecture to an audience at Guangzhou University, Department of Architecture as a part of the Award Giving event organised by the Asian Design Awards Council.

On March 30th 2018 Martin presented a Keynote speech at 9th Annual China Resort and Hospitality Forum in Shanghai. Martin will spoke on the topic of 'Successful integration of themed leisure elements into resort developments'. The presentation was very well received by large conference audience.

In May 2018 Martin attended a conference in Beijing, focused on development of the city of Foshan in Guandong province. Martin represented and stressed  the construction and design expertise needed in realising quality development of a city 
 with all necessary facilities for  residents and visitors.

On 31st July 2018 Martin presented a speech at Global Journey of Hotel Design forum in Beijing - Martin talked about his experience of designing and master planning Internationally and in China and about his design philosophy

0n 15th August 2018 Martin took part in the Opening ceremony of the M+ Interior Design Awards hosted by the Macaline furniture chain. The opening ceremony was transmitted simultaneously to 150 cities in China.

On 23rd August 2018 Martin Took part in a forum discussion  in Shanghai organised by Sina China and the  Elle Home Magazine

On 21st October 2018 Martin presented at a forum of Design China exhibition in Beijing organised by the British media firm Media 10

ON 15th November Martin attended  and gave presentation to the Global Media at the Grand Opening event of the Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel in Songjiang.

Other projects currently under construction or recently completed
Wuhan Jiayu Pebble Towers                       Ningbo Jiayu  Hotel and offices                                                             F2 Jiayu - Guangzhou
These Projects designed by Martin Jochman are currently under construction with the F2 - tower in Guangzhou, a mixed development of Hotel (JW Marriott), Offices and Apartments and the Ningbo Jiayu Hotel almost completed. 


We have succesfully produced a monograph of Stage and Costume Design and catalogue of paintings of Josef Jochman - Academic Painter and Scenic Designer. This publication is now available for sale.Please contact for details.


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